Understanding Airlink Communication

AirLink Communication is a global conglomerate of Trading and Distribution, with intercontinental presence. We have an extensive network with 45 years of experience in delivering state-of-the-art products and consumer-oriented customer services. Airlink and its global subsidiaries practice unwavering standards in quality and impeccable service. With almost five decades of experience in the fields of import and distribution, we pride ourselves in being part of an enterprise executing projects globally with diversified strength, focusing on creating extraordinary success for ourselves, our customers, co-workers, vendors and our partners with a genuine commitment of providing the best consumer experience.

Bringing our conspicuous customer service philosophy to Pakistan we have distinguished ourselves from rest of the herd by refining customer experience with simplified, fast transactions and innovatively designed supply solutions. We truly believe in the importance of the relationships with our consumers. Our employees enjoy and are proud of exceeding the expectations of our customers, suppliers, and shareholders.

Our Vision, Mission & Values


Our Customer Our Reality


Our mission is to streamline our distribution network to incorporate latest technologies and services so that we may continue to exceed consumer and market expectations with a state-of-the-art modern distribution network


  1. One Global Network
  2. Customer Commitment: Great just isn’t good enough.
  3. Quality: What we do, we do well
  4. Collaboration: Leverage collective genius
  5. Passion: Committed in heart and mind
  6. Innovative: Constant improvement

Our USP's

  1. Largest Direct & Indirect Sales-force nation-wide
  2. Nation-wide Retail Visibility for Customer Convenience
  3. Biggest Channel Partners in Pakistan
  4. After Sale Services through Company owned Care Centres, nation-wide
  5. Introducing Experience Zone in all major cities of Pakistan.
  6. B2B, Corporate Customers


Airlink Communication has its presence in every big city in Pakistan through our sturdy distributional network from wholesaler, dealer/retailers to presence of direct sales team committed to excellence.

Quality Policy

  1. Meet the requirements of its customers by enhancing the overall services to ensure that the customers are fully satisfied
  2. Resolve internal and external issues of interest parties regarding our services
  3. Promote the use of process-based approach & risk-based thinking; resulting in all processes are being established, documented, resourced appropriately, monitored & measured; to ensure the conformance to their intended results
  4. Continuously improvement in Quality Management System by providing training, developing quality objectives, meeting legal and regulatory requirements


Airlink believes in playing an active role in being a “Global Citizen” focusing on Philanthropy, Environmental efforts, Ethical labour practices and volunteering in community projects.

Airlink believes in supporting the community and social development of Pakistan. We recognize that an educated, healthy society is Pakistan’s key to ensuring sustainable development and we do our best to give back to the community we operate in.


Our Policy statement:

Airlink believes to be the finest place to work in Pakistan which provides safety, commitment & guarantee of a superior and a unique customer experience. An effective distribution channel can be a source of strategic advantage for companies that is why we care about our employees, the way we conduct business, the environment and our communities and always provide our employees and customers a healthy and safe working environment.

Our Vision & Mission towards Health & Safety:

Airlink aims to be the best employer in Pakistan. An integral part of this ambition is to provide our employees and customers a safe and healthy work environment. Bringing Safety to the forefront of business we make it our core objective to move suppliers, management teams, and employees toward unlocking their full potential, which represents our dedication to the people who work with us and our duty of care to all those associated with the organization.

Our Goals & Objectives:

Airlink Communication always promotes a culture of safe work practices. We want to be the benchmark company in Pakistan, with a reputation of providing a unique, exciting, safe and healthy work environment.

This vision will comprise of the following goals & objectives:

  1. Use resources efficiently and intelligently in our supply chain.
  2. Comply with all national and local laws and regulations related to the occupational health & safety at all times.
  3. Provide employees a secure workplace at all times.
  4. Working with our employees, suppliers, customers, and partners to promote responsible management of products and processes & services.

Our Partners

Airlink is Proud to function as partners with Huawei and Samsung in Pakistan, where we have distinguished ourselves from rest of the herd by our superior customer service.

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